Some highly unusual news from the world of Sony’s Spidey-less Spiderverse has broken. Silver & Black has officially been scrapped by the company. The proposed film featuring two of prominent Spidey villains Black Cat and Silver Sable will now be replaced by solo films of said characters, with Black Cat likely to be the first film out of the gate.

Variety reports that the director originally attached to helm Silver & Black, Gina Prince-Bythewood, will likely exit the project but may receive a producing credit on the solo films. Last we reported, the film was being pushed aside to 2019 as they scrambled to rework the script. It’s clear now that back then, Sony had other plans for the characters instead of a team-up cinematic debut.

All in all, this change highly unusual yet at the same time, highly unsurprising considering the studio handling it. Despite it being a film about B-list Spidey characters, Silver & Black seemed like a good pairing of characters to help launch a cinematic universe with. Both characters had common ground as morally grey vigilantes, the name Silver & Black was a good brand to start with, and had a pretty interesting synopsis to boot. Opting for solo films instead of a good team-up movie is simply baffling considering how limited the source materials are.

Source: Variety