Mark your calendars, folks. The MCU’s premier group of teenage runaways are set to return to the streaming services of Hulu on December 21 this year. The announcement comes just a few days after some members of the press revealed a vague “winter 2019” date during the filming of Runaways season 2. And even better, all the episodes will simultaneously drop on the day of the premiere, a rarity for Hulu. They must love what they’ve been working on this season.

With no films left to look forward to this year, we’ve entered that period of MCU drought. Thankfully, we’ve got a bunch of shows to look forward to. Iron Fist Season 2 premieres in less than a month while Daredevil Season 3 will soon follow after that. We’re fortunate enough to end the year with a show as beloved and acclaimed as Runaways.

Source: Twitter