STAR WARS THEORY: Rey IS Luke Skywalker’s Daughter, and Here’s Why


The Theory.

Enter Mara Jade. Mara is among Luke’s new class of Jedi trainees, and over time they fall in love. Luke tells Mara of his family history; how Luke and Leia were born to Padmé Amidala and separated at birth to protect them from their father, who had become Darth Vader. He tells her about growing up on Tatooine, Ben Kenobi, rescuing Leia, meeting Han, and all that’s occurred up until Luke and Mara meet.

Luke confides in her his fear about the growing darkness in Ben, a fear realized when he momentarily considers killing Ben in his sleep and Ben awakens, bringing the building down on top of him. Mara, aware of the darkness dwelling within the Skywalker family, does what she knows is best and flees before Ben and his Knights of Ren wreak their murderous devastation. She does this for her own safety… and that of her unborn child, the one about whom she’d not yet told Luke.