Neil Blomkamp is either hinting at big casting news or just pulling at our heartstrings for fun… maybe both. In any case, last night Dimitri Vegas spoke for us all when, after re-watching the original Robocop sent a message into the Twittersphere asking new Robocop director Neill Blomkamp who should play Robocop.

And by all that is just in this dark universe, the man answered back with a voice of thunder from within us all.

Check. It. Out.

That’s right, Neil Blomkamp, the man steering the Robocop franchise into the future thinks that Peter Weller, the original Alex Murphy, is the best choice to play Robocop. Boom (That’s Blomkamp’s mic dropping, that’s something much bigger and heavier.)

So many reactions, so many thoughts, so many questions- Is this a tease? Is he just stating a personal preference and it’s a never gonna happen? What about Nancy Allen and Kurtwood Smith? Is he talking about bringing the Original Robocop back for his film or just a walk on cameo?! What is Peter Weller’s stance in all this?!


Sadly, there has been no follow up from Blomkamp or Weller as all of our collective hopes and dreams lay on the line.

When the first film was released in 1987 with Peter Weller as the cybernetic hero, it captured our minds, hearts, and made us wonder what baby-food tasted like. The sequels and 2014 remake failed to rekindle that spark. In July, MGM announced Neill Blomkamp would be directing a new RoboCop with Justin Rhodes rewriting a script penned by the original creators and writing team, Ed Neumeier & Michael Miner. Let’s hope this time we have the same feeling we had back when Murphy melted Paul McCrane with toxic waste and scarred our childhoods forever more.