Star Wars fans have been wanting to learn and see more of the Knights of Ren since The Force Awakens. It was in Episode VII that Snoke first mentioned them and Rey saw them in her force vision. A new leak from the set of Star Wars Episode IX may have just confirmed their appearance in the final installment of the Skywalker saga.

Knights of Ren

Despite their ominous introduction in Episode VII, the Knights of Ren were decidedly absent from Rian Johnson’s controversial Episode VIII. (As were a lot of things, such as the Black Squadron, among other story elements.)  With news coming out of Bedfordshire, UK, however, we may now know why, and have some new information about Rey’s vision.

Knights of Ren

Are the Knights of Ren Training?

Latest reports, as noted by the UK’s Daily Express, have Kylo Ren’s Adam Driver rehearsing fight scenes with a group of six actors in preparation for filming at the Cardington Airship Yards in early October. According to one report:

“These actors have been training with spears and axes the past month for the shoot. Tons of stunts have been coordinated and there will be some small explosions in front of a large green screen. These actors have been interacting with some extras that have martial arts experience.”

Truth to Rumor?

Knights of Ren

As with any set rumor, nothing is official until Lucasfilm says so. This one, however, has some legs. In Rey’s vision, Kylo Ren is indeed seen with six Knights of Ren. One of them is holding, you guessed it, a spear. Combine this with a rumor from back in May that the Knights of Ren will be hunting down Force sensitives, and Rey’s vision takes on new meaning.

Both Anakin and Luke Skywalker, when having force visions, saw into the future. To this point, everyone has assumed that Rey’s vision was of the past. Now there’s a good likelihood that what she saw was not Ren and his Knights murdering Luke’s students, but rather a vision of the future.

Knights of ren

(Remember, there was no rain in the scenes of Luke witnessing the temple burn.) If that’s the case, does her ability to see the future, like Anakin and Luke, link her to the Skywalker lineage as well?

Time will tell. Episode IX hits theaters December, 2019.


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SOURCE: Daily Express