Recently, JJ Abrams’ upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ officially jumped into production. This means that there is a screenplay (co-written by Chris Terrio) to plan and schedule the production around. So if that’s the case, it means there is a working title printed on that script.

More than anything right now, fans are dying to know the name of the trilogy’s finale. And as usual, before every new Star Wars release, the community is going crazy with theories. So what started as just an enthusiast’s reddit post has now grown into something much larger. A name the entire fandom can get behind and be excited about. So without any further ado, here it is:



(insert deflating balloon sound here)

Here’s the original reddit post from the user who has since been deleted:

Episode IX title predictions? from r/StarWars


Well if you’re like us, your response was just… meh. Yet, for some reason, the mainstream press (and some geek sites) are really getting behind this name theory. Going as far as calling it “PERFECT” or even “BRILLIANT” (yes, seriously… they’re saying that).

I’m sure plenty of people reading this article have a few name ideas that are 10 times better, and we want to hear them. Let us know what you guys think a good name would be?

Keeping with tradition, we here at Star Wars Fanatics are submitting our entry with:

How does that one light your saber? Leave your thoughts and criticisms in the comments below. ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ will be released in theaters on December 20, 2019.