No matter how tight a lid JJ Abrams tries to keep on his productions, information always manages to find its way off set. Production on the Star Wars film is barely a month old, but we are already learning information about the potential Star Wars Episode IX plot. If rumors are true, the first act will focus heavily on Leia and rebuilding the Resistance.

As we know, the Resistance was defeated and scattered at the end of The Last Jedi. It seems that the Episode IX plot picks up from there (after a year’s leap forward) and will begin with Leia doling out additional recruitment assignments. We have already seen leaked set photos of Finn, Poe and Chewbacca to that end.

The latest rumors, however, have Rose teaming up with Return of the Jedi alumni Nien Nunb. Their task? Persuade smooth talking scoundrel Lando Calrissian to re-join the fight.

Setting Up the Episode IX Plot

Abrams has already admitted that he will use unseen footage of Fisher in the film. It appears he’ll do so to set up the Episode IX plot in the first act. It’s not clear, though, how that footage will be used. Movie Web reports that Lucasfilm may insert Fisher into new environments, with Leia having a digitally altered wardrobe. All of this sets up a potential reunion with Billy Dee Williams’s Lando.

Episode IX Plot

Other rumors indicate that the Resistance’s efforts to rebuild will include Finn and Poe attempting to recruit the Hutts.  That could get interesting, since Leia (as noted in the novel Bloodline) earned the nickname “Huttslayer” for her deeds on Jabba’s sail barge.

Episode IX Plot

To defeat a common enemy, however, may be enough to persuade them to fight. Plus, Leia did say she had allies in the Outer Rim… where the Hutts hold a great deal of influence.

This all seems like exposition that could have just as easily set up the Episode IX plot in the opening crawl. All the other films do just that; summarize the past events leading up to the film’s beginning. Nevertheless, in this case, it appears these efforts are geared toward including the Fisher footage. Normally I’d say skip it, but if it’s a chance to see Leia on screen one more time, I’ll take it.

This does leave one burning question, though: Where is Rey during all of this?

Star Wars Episode IX hits theaters in December, 2019.

Source: Movie Web, via Drunk Chicken TV