The Director

Let’s not forget the Hollywood barriers George Lucas smashed through with the film. The now-iconic opening crawl almost never was. It took Lucas’s departure from the Director’s Guild, and creation of Lucasfilm, to ensure its use in the film and the omission of opening credits. Lucas had a vision, and fought hard to see that vision become a reality. It’s difficult, now, to set aside the direction Lucas took Star Wars following the original trilogy. The Special Edition additions soured many fans. (Han shot. Period.) The prequels? Too much to discuss in this post. But the original Star Wars?

George Lucas is the father of franchise, and the original Star Wars remains to this day one of the best sci-fi films of all time. Lucas needed a perfect storm of circumstances in 1977 to make the film work, and he got it. As a result, we’re now anxiously awaiting the ninth and final installment. We can guess whether the Hutts will appear in Episode IX later.

Right now, let’s just appreciate the original film that made fans out of all of us.