See the source imageThe Doctor Has Entered the Galaxy

We have yet another major name joining the cast of Episode 9.  Variety is reporting that none other than Matt Smith will be joining the cast of Episode 9.  That is right boys and girls, we have our first ever sonic lightsaber!  Okay maybe not, but he joins fellow major sci-fi/fantasy franchise star, Dominic Monaghan in joining the Cast of Episode 9.

Matt Smith is coming off a recent Emmy nomination for his role as Prince Philip in Netflix “The Crown”.  However, he will always be known as the eleventh Doctor in the BBC series Dr Who.  He was the third reincarnation of The Doctor in the modern era and held that role from 2010 to 2013.

His role is yet unknown.  He tends to have a dopey, adorable manner, but he can act with menace when needed.  His role could be on any side of the war.  His tendencies would hint towards a good guy of some sort, but he could very well be an Imperial officer of some sort.

I almost wonder if what we are seeing with all these late adds, which you can guarantee aren’t over yet, is something akin to Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  At the end of the movie we see the Ravager Leading Council, each one was played by a major actor/actress (Sylvester Stallone, Michelle Yeoh, Michael Rosenbaum).  Could these new actors be lead scoundrels the Resistance are trying to recruit to their side?  Every Hutt needs a voice and every Falleen needs legs.

This is another great actor added to the list, yet one has to wonder of all these new faces and names, how many will we pick out?  Did anyone spot Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Tom Hardy, or Princes William and Harry?  They were all in uniform or prosthetics/costumes.  They were in the movie, but we didn’t find out who they were until stories were let out after the releases.

Matt Smith could be the leading Jedi/Knight of Ren or that Gran back in the corner third from the left.  Let us hope he has a good role because he is a great add to the film.