After the airing of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steels Dimensions in Danger, Saban/ Hasbro has released an extended cut of the fight scene that features Jason David Frank’s Tommy Oliver battling himself.

The extended cut gives us hope that there will be a longer version of the episode coming out. We already know that there may be plans for an extended version of the episode hitting Netflix which we reported last month but noticeably, other scenes that were cut were an evil Mick, played by Kelson Henderson, which was in the Power Morphicon Trailer. Many fans thought that the story for the anniversary episode was great but it did need multiply parts.

Hopefully this is Hasbro’s way of testing the waters for longer episodes. With Beast Morphers being the next season we can only hope for a Beast Morphers, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers Dino Charge team-up. Anyway, the fight scene between Tommy vs. Tommy was very satisfying and gave us those cheer out loud moments whenever Tommy used his Master Morpher to turn into previous Rangers he’s been.