Poe Dameron and Han Solo save the day

We never got a chance to see Han Solo and Poe Dameron together in Episode VII. But in Poe Dameron Annual #2 we do get them in the same place at the same time. In this story before The Force Awakens we get more on Han Solo going back to his old ways and the Resistance ready to go against the First Order.

Proceed with caution: There will be spoilers!


The Resistance.

The Resistance needs money and Poe Dameron is sent on a mission to retrieve valuable information that they will be able to sell. To get this information the Resistance will need to intercept a black-market deal between Mek Nu’Tiv and the First Order. What they are looking for isn’t clear but intel C-3PO obtained says that it is old and could be plans for a superweapon. C-3PO helps plan the mission and gets Poe and his Black Squadron to use older starfighters to intercept Mek NU’Tiv’s ship. Once there they will fire a weapon disable power to the ship and leave before noticed. Who knew C-3PO had it in him to plan such a heist?

Han Solo and Chewbacca back at it again.

Poe Dameron

As the Resistance approaches, Mek Nu’Tiv is in the process of selling the item to the First Order. Well so she thought. It turns out that she is actually selling it to Han Solo dressed in a First order Uniform and Chewbacca who are there to retrieve the intel so they can pay off debts. Well in typical Han fashion everything goes bad when Mek Nu’Tiv realizes that they are hustling her, and also at that time Dameron and his fighters attack.


Emotional Memories.

Poe Dameron

So, as this battle is brewing Han and Chewie find what they came for. When they looked at the package it wasn’t the blue prints like they thought. It was the remnants of Alderann’s library. During all this Han starts to have emotional flashbacks. Memories of him and Leia flood his head taking us back to the Original Trilogy. From when they first met to raising their child Ben, it all came back to him. Once Han realized this must be a Resistance attack he left the package for Poe to retrieve. When Poe returns to Leia, he tells here about how the impostors had time to take the case but they didn’t. It was like the impostors knew that package need to get to Leia.


This was another great read for the fans that are looking for answers in the Star Wars timeline. You really got that emotional connection when Han began thinking about Leia. With us never getting to see them say goodbye, it was nice to see Han never stopped loving her. It was also good to see this story connect some of the old with the new. This is a must add comic to your library.