Superman is one of the biggest icons in the comic book world, and it has been so long since he has had a video game. And Rocksteady hasn’t announced plans for a new Superman game, so there is a chance there will not be a new game.

But the director of God Of War, Cory Barlog, has an idea for his own Superman game, and he is pointing to Smallville for his game idea.

He believes that rather than going to Metropolis, the game should be set in high school. Now, this does make more sense for Superman because players will then be able to come to terms with his range of powers. But, you can read his comment about it below to get some more info on what he would like his game to be:

Superman was created at a time when we needed some idealistic, perfect person to aspire to, which is why he is so flawless. Like, literally, he almost has no flaws. And he’s extremely hard to work with when you’re talking at an interactive level. The one flaw, and I don’t think it’s really a flaw, it’s just who we are as human beings, is the idea of caring. I think the best thing you can do with a Superman game is to kind of explore the psychology of what it would be like to be a person who slowly begins to realize that he can’t save everybody. 

I would not have him flying. I think he would have his ability of speed so you would feel like you’re playing a Flash game at the beginning. And I think for me the loop would start you out and you wouldn’t be able to fight anybody. You would be taking care of things that are less sort of fisticuffs so that you start to get your feet wet, and then the first time a baddie appears, somebody who is kind of an antagonistic force…you would feel just as uneasy as Superman would be. This would feel more like an origin story, like a Spider-Man 1 kind of feel that he is just figuring this out.” 

Now, this sounds like every video game fan’s dream. And the idea of having Superman be in high school is something that has never happened with a Superman game, and hopefully, if Rocksteady does end up in the near future announcing a new Superman game, I definitely feel like this will be the perfect game to create.

Source: Comic Book Movie