When the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge addition to Disney’s theme parks opens in 2019, park-goers and Star Wars fans will be treated to an all-new, immersive experience. What will be new and exciting visually, however, will sound comfortingly familiar. Long-standing franchise composer John Williams will purportedly write and score the music featured in the park expansions.

John Williams

John Williams conducts the original ‘Star Wars’ score in 1977. (Photo: Lucasfilm ltd.)

Joining John Williams is fellow composer Michael Giacchino who, you might recall, scored Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Together the pair will create the sound experience for Galaxy’s Edge. Their work will include “area music” as well as musical accompaniment to the theme park expansion’s rides and other attractions.

John Williams Teams with Michael Giacchino

This will not be the first time the two heavy-hitting composers will have paired up for a Disney project. The two have already collaborated on Star Tours – The Adventure Continues ride at Disney’s theme parks, Comic Book notes. The attraction features Williams’ music in-ride, and Giacchino’s during the pre-show and queue. To have two Academy Award-winning composers working together again, this time to score Galaxy’s Edge, is a major coup for Disney.

John Williams

John Williams at the 2018 Grammys (Photo: grammy.com)

Galaxy’s Edge is set at the Black Spire Outpost on the Outer Rim planet of Batuu. For most, Batuu will be a new Star Wars location. Fans of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn series, specifically Thrawn: Alliances, however, will recognize Black Spire immediately. The Outer Rim outpost featured in the novel as Anakin Skywalker meets Chiss warrior Thrawn in an unlikely team-up. Now fans can visit the locale for themselves.

Disney is breaking through all kinds of barriers with Galaxy’s Edge. For starters, the Star Wars theme park addition will be the biggest theme park expansion in Disney History. For some it can be a totally immersive experience (you can even stay at the Star Wars-themed hotel with your own character story). Others are excited for the alcohol-serving Oga’s Cantina alone. One thing is certain no matter what kind of experience you want to have there, however.

You’ll experience it with old friend John Williams and the familiar sounds of Star Wars.

Source: Comic Book