I am really starting to wonder if there is a point to these articles.  Add some new movies to the mix and they are shooting it out for 4th or 5th place at best.  Three films have a major lock on the box office for three weeks in a row now.

Coming in first place…again…is Crazy Rich Asians.  It brought in a whopping $28 million over the four day weekend, but it also managed an immense $22.2 million over three days, only dropping 10% from last week.  Once again, like last week, Crazy Rich Asians added 339 more theaters.  That will help lessen most any drop, but the fact that many screens are being added in week 3 speaks to the intensely popular word of mouth the film is enjoying.  On a $30 million budget, CRA has now brought in $117 million in only three weeks.

Solo Box Office

Coming in a distant second…again…is The Meg with $13.4 million over the four day weekend, $10.5 million over the 3 day.  What many joked as Jurassic Park 6 has now hauled in $123.4 million domestically.  This little fish has defied time in more ways than one.

Fighting its way back up to third place at just $7 million is Mission Impossible: Fallout in its 6th week.  Fallout also just opened in China this weekend to an impressive $89.1 million, well ahead of Rogue Nation.  Fallout is solidifying its slot as the most successful film in the franchise yet.

See the source imageFinally at fourth place we get our first new release of the week.  The next closest new release comes in at #12.  Operation Finale brought in $7.8 million over the four day weekend.  Doesn’t sound so good, but with it only playing on 1800 screens, its a solid $3,300 avg/screen.

See the source imageFinally with $7.6 million in its second week is Searching.  It brought its screen count up to 1200, and earned a very nice $6300/screen.

Next Week

I would like to say we will see a major shake up next week at the box office given the titles coming out, but at the same time, don’t count Crazy Rich Asians out just yet.  The largest opening next weekend is the horror film The Nun.  Horror films are known for posting nice box office on small budgets, but the way CRA keeps its minimal drops…who knows.

Also coming out and returning to her action roots is Jennifer Garner in Peppermint.  Riley witnesses the murder of her family and then watches the Justice system turn the perpetrators loose.  After five years of training, Riley is back for revenge.

Finally we have on minimal screens, God Bless the Broken Road. A wife must deal with the after effects of the death of her husband in Afghanistan.  She must find the best way for her and her daughter to live, the fast way or God’s way.