IT’s Coming Back To Derry…Pennywise Spotted On Set

Last September we were treated to an amazing new vision of the classic Stephen King novel “IT”. This classic horror novel turned tv mini series turned big screen adaptation is about an entity that preys on the fears of the children in the small town of Derry. On September 8th of 2017, we were introduced to the first chapter of this terrifying tale on the big screen. Almost exactly two years later, on September 6th, 2019, we will get to experience the epic conclusion, as “IT: Chapter 2” will hit theaters.

While Tim Curry did an amazing job as the clown known as Pennywise, in the 1986 television mini-series, actor Bill Skarsgard has taken the freakish red balloon toting character to a whole new level in the big screen version of the book. With the movie production for the next chapter in full swing, with some actors having already filmed their parts for the new movie, it was recently reported that the killer clown is back in town.


Recent set photos, including one showing Skarsgard in a harness hovering above the ground, we get our first creepy peek at Pennywise back on set recording scenes for the upcoming film. As you can tell by the photo here, he looks just as freaky and evil as in the movie. With that being said, the hype is becoming real as more images and news about the progress of the film are released.

With actors including James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain,and Bill Hader joining Bill Skarsgard in the film as the grown up versions of the children terrorized by the child abducting entity, we can’t help but get excited again for the clown’s return to Derry. And having Pennywise back on set preparing to scare us once again, it’s time to get ready to float to theaters and see the awesome conclusion to the story that freaked us out as far back as the first release of the Stephen King novel. And don’t forget…