Bond 25 is scrambling to find a new director and script after the departure of Danny Boyle.  Production was getting fast tracked and was nearing a start date, but no more.  It sounds like Bond 25 is now back to square 1.  However, there are already three names that are jumping out and catching a lot of attention: Yann Demange, Bart Layton and S.J. Clarkson.

See the source imageTwo have distinct advantages.  The first, Yann Demange, nearly had the reins for Bond 24 before losing out to Boyle.  While this gives him a possible advantage, whether or not he gets it may hinge more on his latest film, White Boy Rick, which releases Sept 14.  The success or failure of this movie may be the determining factor.

See the source imageAnother hot name in the running is S J Clarkson.  While she has no big screen titles to her name, she has a treasure trove of TV and Netflix credits, and impressive ones at that.  She has directed episodes of Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, Defenders, and others.  She is also supposedly has landed the job of Star Trek 4.  The only problem with that is all of the confusion with the different titles and what actors are in or out.  Is her film the next one slated for production, or does Quentin Tarantino’s Supposedly R rated version come first?  Also, Chris Pine and Hemsworth are apparently out of the picture as well.

Not only does she have the nice resume of Tv works, but she is female.  With every franchise clamoring to find a female for their next installments, that could be a huge plus.

See the source imageFinally we have Bart Layton. Bart is known more for his documentaries, with his only big screen release being American Animals.  His documentaries and Indies films have been huge hits with critics.

Whoever is chosen will most likely be responsible for ushering out Daniel Craig in his last appearance as Bond.  His reinvention of the character has been refreshing, so let’s hope he goes out with a bang.