Star wars collection for sale.

Star Wars collectors might want to mark September 18th down on their calendars and book a flight to the town of Dudley in the county of West Midlands, England. Aston’s Auctioneers of Dudley will be putting up a massive Star Wars collection that comprises over 600 lots for auction. These lots will include several rare figures. The set is coming from a renowned Star Wars fan that is selling so they can use the money to care for a sick family member.

Star Wars Collection

Get your wallets ready

In a galaxy not to far away, a massive Star Wars collection is going up for auction and is expecting to sell for over $130,000. The anonymous collector that is putting their collection up for auction spent several decades amassing it. The collection is so big it took three days for the auctioneers to inventory it in the collector’s home in Bideford, Devon. The collection that completely filled a semitruck will contain many rare and valuable items from the past and present.

The most Valuable item in the collection, is a 1985 Kenner Droids Boba Fett action figure. The 3.75-inch figure is still in its original packaging. The package has the image of Boba Fett the way he appeared in the 1985 cartoon series Star Wars: Droids. The package also still has the collector’s coin that came with it attached. The Droids coin, which is gold differed from the Power of the Force figure line release coins that were silver. The coin has this text: The most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy, BOBA FETT tracks HAN SOLO and returns him to JABBA THE HUTT for bounty.

Star Wars Collection

A ton of vintage figures

Don’t worry there are plenty more bounties in this collection. There is a rare Palitoy Star Wars: Return of the Jedi carded Yak Face action figure. Also, there will be carded figures from Kenner’s first twelve released Star Wars action figures. The most notable of these are Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Its not everyday a collection like this becomes available. Auctioneer Chris Aston said this is one of the biggest Star Wars collections they have ever seen. He also said that cataloguing and photographing the collection has been one of their toughest assignments. With the Star Wars market growing in the recent years they are expecting a lot of interest in this collection. So, get your wallets ready and start putting in your bids. Again, the auction will take place on September 18th in Dudley, and the collection will be up for viewing the day before. You may also view a preview of this auction by clicking here.

Star Wars Collection

So, what is your favorite item in your Star Wars collection? What is the most you ever paid or would pay for that grail you always wanted. Let us know by leaving a comment or hitting me up on Twitter at @starwarsnerd574.