Setting aside the debate over how good or bad The Phantom Menace was, one thing is fairly, universally certain. Darth Maul was the best thing to come out of Episode I. As much as Star Wars fan appreciation resulted in The Clone Wars returning, a vocal fandom allowed Dave Filoni to bring Maul back in Clone Wars Season 4. Actor Sam Witwer voiced Maul through Clone Wars and Rebels. Recently, he spoke about the opportunity to voice the character again in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Peter Serafinowicz, whom you may know from his turn in Guardians of the Galaxy, originally voiced the character in Phantom Menace. Sam Witwer, however, is responsible for truly giving the character life and depth in Clone Wars. The actor was surprised at being asked to reprise the role for Solo.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Witwer had this to say:

“Look, it was shock and disbelief. I didn’t believe what I was being told, and furthermore, I didn’t know the story at the time, so it had to be explained to me what the significance of this whole plot was. And then getting on the phone with Ray Park and sharing our giddiness over the fact that we had the opportunity to do this.”

Sam Witwer Reprises Maul Role a Second Time


Solo wasn’t the first time Sam Witwer reprised the role; He was certain that Maul’s character arc concluded in Clone Wars Season 5…. And then Maul returned to hunt Obi-Wan Kenobi once more in Star Wars Rebels.

Surely Maul’s death in Rebels Season 4 was finally the end of Maul. We know, of course, that it wasn’t. Witwer summed up the fans’ relationship with Maul perfectly:

“Look, it’s one of those things where this guy just kind of refuses to die. And I gotta say, I gotta credit Ray Park and George Lucas for creating a character that the audience doesn’t want to let go. I love that. And considering the fact that Darth Maul, the whole theme of that character is that he can’t let certain things go, there’s a certain ironic, wonderful twist that the audience also doesn’t want to let go with that character.”

Maul Returns for Solo: A Star Wars Story

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we see Maul in a surprise cameo at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story. In truth, the cameo made perfect sense. When we last see Maul in Clone Wars, Darth Sidious tells Maul he has another use for him. Maul had already risen to a position of authority within the cartels. His appearance in Solo as head of Crimson Dawn? More than fitting.

Many of us any of us were elated to see Maul, and hear Sam Witwer return once more. However, future appearances are now up in the air. Solo’s (relatively by comparison) poor box office showing put Solo sequels on hold.

Here’s hoping fan fervor can revive Maul one last time.

Source: Cinema Blend