POWER RANGERS Legacy Morpher/Coin Pins From Lineage Studios!


Now that Morphicon’s over and we’ve all been able to save a little bit of money, there’s a new must-have collectible for fans to obtain. Lineage Studios has released an officially licensed Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers pins. These limited edition pins made of Hard Enamel, Zinc Alloy. The coins are interchangeable. They offer two sets.

The Legacy Power Morhper set comes with all five original Power Coins at $20.00. The Legacy Power Morpher Green/White set which come with the Dragonzord and Tigerzord coins at $15.00. Or you can buy the original five coins individually at $6.00 each. Note the Dragonzord and Tigerzord coin only come in The Legacy Power Morpher Green/White set.

Both sets are great for classic collectors of the series. Which set are you going to buy?

Link: https://www.lineagestudios.com/pins/