What am I talking about this time: Walmart’s Superman Giant #3

Written by: Jeff Lemire, Geoff Johns, Jeph Loeb, Tom King

Art by: Andy Kubert, Ed McGuinness, Joe Bennett, Carlos Pacheco

Overall Review: 5 out of 5 Walmart Superman Costumes

Is it worth $4.99? If you can find it… YES!!!!!

Review: If anyone had told me that Walmart comics would sell out and be amazing, I would have laughed in their face, kicked them in the nuts, and run off screaming into the night. But here we are and there is no one but the internet and myself to kick in the nuts.

Superman Giant #3 has one original story and a series of reprints. The reprints are all solid stories, but lets focus on what we as fans are here for; Tom King, the writer who put the man back in Batman, taking on the Last Son of Krypton.

And damn-it, it’s fantastic.

It’s easily the best Superman comic out there right now. Although, that isn’t saying much…Sorry, Bendis

The art sells it, but the story shines better than any other Superman issue since Action 1000. The basic idea, without spoiling any of the story, is that Superman is conflicted between the galactic threats he usually takes on and a request from a friend to spend his valuable time on a much smaller, more intimate case. Both sides of the issue are explored by many different characters in Superman’s life. Each person has a completely different voice and supports or disagrees with the issue in unique and relatable ways that explore this problem in very interesting and emotional takes, and this is where the art brings things to a whole new level. The tight facial expressions matched with wide shots of Superman’ s iconic heroism allows us to experience his torn emotions. There are some gut wrenching emotional twists, but the serve the story and succeed in bringing Superman up into the air and firmly grounding him at the same time.