I recently reported HERE that the next game due out on the phone platform was cancelled before beta was even released with no mention as to why.  Now we are getting a few more details on a game EA teased during E3 2018 that is on its way, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order.

See the source imageThe game’s story explores an aspect of Star Wars that, even after all this time, has barely been touched and still remains at the tops of people’s want lists.  It will largely take place between ep3 and ep4.  A Padawan survives Order 66.  Whether the Padawan is on Coruscant or another planet with a Master has not been released.  The Padawan must then survive the following years.

Possible Game Play

JFO is rumored to be lightsaber heavy and described much like the game The Force Unleashed.  Jason Ward, host of Making Star Wars, has “Intel” saying the game resembles Force Unleashed but “without the Mountain Dew qualities.”  Closest translation is probably we are going to get the dark, oppressive view of TFU, but without the camp and pulling down Star Destroyers with your bare hands.  However, I will be upset if you can’t ‘Sith-punt’ the smaller creatures of the world.

See the source imageThinking of Force Unleashed and imagining that play style with a young padawan growing in the force and eluding the Empire really makes me want this game already.  Force Unleashed was a lot of fun to play, and it also told a great story as it went along.  No matter which of the two endings you chose, the finale was epic.  Let’s hope the game play and story quality are as good as the first Force Unleashed.

That is about all we have for now. As of yet, we do not know what platforms it is being made for, but it is probably safe to assume it will be Xbox, PS4 and PC.  No game footage or pictures have been released yet, but that seldom counts for much.  We have had many games before this where footage and game play were released only for the game later cancelled for whatever reason.  Also we have the recent issues EA has had to deal with in how it structured its games and the use of real life money.

Hope the game holds together without delay, and we may see it by late 2019.