The Joaquin Phoenix Joker film has confused a lot of people since it was announced. Questions about where it might fit into the DC Movie Universe (if it would at all), what The Joker would look like, what the origin story would be, and many others have been asked ad nauseam on the internet. Todd Phillips has done two things today. He gave us our first look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker (out of costume) and he’s confirmed a key detail we released back in July, you can read our full story with even more information about the film in our exclusive report right here.

Joaquin Phoenix As ‘Arthur Fleck’


In our report, we indicated that The Joker would be going by the name Arthur Fleck. If this is to be the Joker’s real name, it goes against what we know from the comics. It’s also an odd choice for a name since if you take his first initial, with his last name, you get A. Fleck . . . which is either a less than clever reference to our current Live Action Batman, or just a really weird coincidence.

We’re also assuming this reveal is in response to leaked set images the were released by JustJared earlier in the morning.

At this point in production, Arthur has yet to become the Joker we all know, there’s no green hair, white makeup, or purple suit. A few articles have pointed out the length of his hair, which doesn’t really seem to matter to me because this is the character out of his traditional costume, so we don’t really know yet what he’s going to look like once he’s made that transformation.

If you want to see what other characters you can expect in The Joker we have more breakdowns here:

So, what do all of you guys think? Is this a good look for ‘Arthur Fleck’ before he turns into the Joker?