Knott’s Scary Farm 2018

Knott’s Scary Farm is in full swing, with select nights through October 31st. Tickets start as low as $44 and you get access to the full park from 7-2AM. Some of the new features debuting at Knott’s Scary Farm this year are two mazes, Dark Entities and The Depths, and three revamped shows, Conjurers, Hacks: Cutting Room Floor, and The Hanging.

Conjurers is a comedy magic show held at The Bird Cage Theater featuring award-winning magicians and Fox’s “Masters of Illusion” regulars. Hacks: Cutting Room Floor is an improvised comedy show about creating a Halloween show on the spot that has taken over the Charles M Schultz Theater which used to be home to Elvira’s show. The Hanging is a Knott’s Scary Farm classic comedy show that updates each year with current pop culture content at the Calico Mine Stage.

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What You Must See This Year

We experienced both new mazes as well as the past ones and the one maze you can’t miss this season is The Depths. The setting for this maze is pitch-black underground caves hidden below the seaside shores, where a Mining Crew has mysteriously disappeared and village rumors point to the eerie tunnels the town sits upon. But really it should be described as a shipwreck due to it’s heavily imposed underwater theme. Regardless, of the confusing description, the experience is awesome. This maze incorporates some unique settings and technology which includes laser lights and moving floors that make for a thrilling experience. This maze is worth the wait, don’t miss it.

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What You Can Pass Up

The most disappointing maze had to be Shadowlands. If you’ve been to Knott’s Scary Farm before, then you may be familiar with this maze since it’s one that came out in 2016. The idea of the maze does seem thrilling, taking place at a sacred shrine in an ancient Japanese temple where you encounter demon samurais. But the layout of the maze is too open and they usher you in one after another too close in a line where the jump scares become less effective. If the line is running long, it’s not worth the wait and you should pass it up. It’s due for a revamp as the experience felt dull.

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Overall, the Knott’s Scary Farm experience was thrilling. It has its classic scare zones placed throughout the park making every turn exciting. The park was filled with creepy dark corners and hard to see foggy pathways (I actually bumped into someone walking through the fog, so be careful). If you’re a fan of horror and love to be scared, Knott;s Scary Farm remains a classic.