There are thousands of Star Wars fan films on YouTube. We’ve gone through hundreds to bring you this list of some of our favorites. There are plenty more we wanted to share, but decided to recommend just these amazing efforts first. So without any further ado, enjoy the movies…

1.Kara (2016)
A beautiful film about a young and scared force wielder looking for some peace and closure. Written and Directed by Joe Sill.

2. TIE Fighter – short film (2015)
What can you say about this short, the simple description? Star Wars, Heavy Metal style. Cool AF!!! Drawn and animated by Paul Johnson.

3. Star Wars: The Force and The Fury (2017)
How does the saying go? “Hell hath no fury?” Say no more! Directed by Jason Satterlund.

4. EXILE – EP1 (2016)
True epic filmmaking by obvious Star Wars fanatics! New and traditional all at the same time, they is a captivating watch. Just wondering where EP2 is? Directed By Pokey Spears and Noel Braham.