Lucasfilm kicked off NYCC ’18, Day 2, highlighting a new web series, Star Wars: Our Stories. The goal of the series, as show producer Matt Martin describes it, is “documenting the power of fandom.” Martin, together with Jordan Harbaugh, decided to produce the show in an effort to showcase the positive side of the Star Wars fandom. Contrary to the recent negativity surrounding the Star Wars fan base (reports of Russian bots is another story), the pair wanted to focus on individual fan stories.

“We wanted to bring a vehicle to tell individual Star Wars stories to the world,” said Harbaugh. The end result is a five-episode min-series, with each episode allowing an individual fan, just like you and me, to reflect on how Star Wars has affected their lives. However, the show goes a little deeper than that.

Star Wars: Our Stories – the Franchise from the Fan’s Perspective

For F.J.DeRobertis, Star Wars certainly helped him to “find self-acceptance” and forge a stronger bond with his father. Participating in the show empowered him. While initially reluctant to display it, the show nevertheless encouraged him to dust off and organize his collection of vintage Star Wars collectibles.

Two episodes of Star Wars: Our Stories will feature Christina Cato and Robin Bocra. Each woman describes how being a Star Wars fan was more difficult for women, and how they came to embrace their fandom. Cato claims to possibly have the largest collection of vintage Star Wars toys of any woman. Harbaugh confirmed.

Bocra, conversely, is a droid builder. She has even created a Facebook group just for woman who like to tinker on the technological side. Her “Stardust Builders Initiative” allows like-minded women with technological savvy to share stories, ideas, and to simply connect.

Star Wars: Our Stories

Show Participant Albin Johnson poses with Star Wars cosplayers

All of the participants in the show had the same, general sentiment when it came to their experiences. The connections they make with others who share their passion? That is the Force.  As Yoda says, it surrounds us. The connections made through Star Wars are very much real for these folks, including 501st Legion member Albin Johnson. Johnson even grew a bit emotional during the panel.

Star Wars is about heart, and what we find in ourselves. That’s what [Star Wars: Our Stories] is about,” added Harbaugh towards the end of the panel. “This isn’t a show about Star Wars; it’s a show about people.”

The first episode of Star Wars: Our Stories is available for viewing now on the Star Wars YouTube channel.