When Disney-owned Marvel Studios parted company with James Gunn this past summer, many fans predicted he’d end up working on another comic book property again at some time in the future. According to The Wrap, that time is now as Warner Bros. is negotiating with Gunn to take over scribing duties on the follow up to their 2016 film Suicide Squad.

Gunn had long teased Marvel fans with bringing the Thunderbolts to life, so for it seems natural that he’d slide over to the competition and give their team of criminals turned heroes a shot. Gunn’s potential involvement in the project comes with the additional news that this film would not be a sequel, but involve a whole new take on Task Force X. Gavin O’Connor wrote a previous draft of the film and Mel Gibson was, at one point, in line to direct. Both have left the project, leaving room for Gunn not only to pen the script, but also potentially direct the film.

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