Jon Favreau has given us Star Wars fans something to talk about tonight. Favreau reveals pics of a few interesting items on his Instagram account. Could these be props from the set of his live-action The Mandalorian?

The first image is of some kind of container. This container seems to look like an ice-cream maker. We have seen something similar to this before in the Empire Strikes Back. A character named Willrow Hood is seen carrying a device that looks like this on Cloud City. Willrow is running by as Lando Calrissian advises everyone to leave before more imperial troops arrive. Maybe we will see Willrow and his ice-cream maker in the new series.

The next picture Favreau reveals is of what looks to be a blaster rifle. Star Wars fans may think this rifle looks very familiar. That’s because It is similar to the one Boba Fett carried when he was first introduced during the Star Wars Holiday Special. The only thing missing is the beast that Boba Fett rode on.

This is all that Jon Favreau left us with tonight but it is still very exciting. How excited are you for The Mandalorian? What did you take from Favreau Instagram posts tonight? Let us know by leaving your comments or by hitting me up on Twitter @starwarsnerd574.