The first issue of Marvel’s comic adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story #1 was released this week. Solo #1 does a great telling the events of the film, however the lack of new content makes it hard to get excited about it.

Warning spoilers ahead!


In Solo #1 we are introduced to a young Han Solo and Qi’ra as they try to escape from the slums of Corellia. When they both fail to get off Corellia together, Han decides to join the Imperial Academy. Due to Han’s lack of discipline he is kicked out of the academy as a pilot and sent to Mimban as an infantry solider. There he runs into Beckett and his crew. Once Han figures out that Beckett is not part of the Imperial forces, Beckett turns him in as a deserter. We end with Han being thrown in to the beast.

The new content.

With most of the comic following the first 30 minutes of the movie there was very little new content. What new content we did get came from the deleted scenes that were on the digital and Blu-ray release. We got to see a couple of pages of Han training as a pilot for the Empire and how he failed. Too bad we didn’t have this in the movie.

The artwork.

The artwork flows ok throughout the comic. Qi’ra looks like Emilia Clarke. But at times Han looks like Harrison Ford, and then like Alden Ehrenreich. He would also get a mixture of both. Also a lot of the art was dark and lacked excitement. The best-looking part of Solo #1 was Han’s time as a pilot in the Imperial Academy.

Solo: A Star Wars Story #1 is a good story if you have not seen the movie. For those that have, you are not missing out on anything. Hopefully the next few months we get some new content that will keep this story interesting. The most exciting part about this comic was the advertisement at the end for the upcoming Star Wars: Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1.

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