I had lost my interest in DC Universe’s Titans after that confounding lame finale, but then the after-credits sequence hit and all of sudden, I’m Al Pacino in The Godfather 3.

From the end credits we go to black (as all after-credits sequences tend to do).

In the darkness we hear glass shatter, cries for help, and a lot of punching sounds.

Then “Somewhere in Metropolis” appears in a familiar font.

This is where I peed myself.

After a few more punching sounds, the light come up on what looks like an empty, shattered Bacta Tank. In the background, slightly obscured, is the word “CADMUS.”

For those of us in the know, Cadmus is the genetic facility that created Superboy during the Death Of Superman series.

Next, a computer displays the words, “Subject 13 Offline” as a buff humanoid figure walks by.

In the Death of Superman series, “Experiment 13” was Superboy’s designation as he was the 13th attempt to clone Superman, before he escaped with red gloves, a cut off leather jacket, an excess of belts, and attitude.

Then a T-800 Model 101 with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton walks by… Or it’s just a naked dude- hard to tell.

Some firm butt-cheeks beat up a bunch of scientists, one in particular begs for his life and it’s worth noting that we cut away before we reveal Prof.Smashedglasses’s fate.

With a little extrapolation and speculation, this looks to be the Kon-El Superboy from Pre-52.  The origin matches up and he was a great part of the Young Justice/Teen Titans runs before DC Comics hit the reset button in 2011.

In the final scene, we bust open a room with a white dog in glass cage inside, weirdly lit by a green glow from beneath.

Could this be Krypto the Superdog?

The glass cage door is ripped open, revealing the buff-naked guy has a badass Superman symbol tattoo on his right shoulder. It has a Bar-Code scan look to it, which reminds me that it’s time to get some new ink!

Then, the newly freed dog’s eyes glow red… confirming that he is, indeed, Krytpo!!!!

Fade To Black.

Someone hand me a towel and cigarette.