Birth of The Mad Queen?

There were so many great scenes but what really stood out to me was poor Dani. First she pulls a brilliant move by stopping Gendry. While he doesn’t want it, his blood is a challenge to the throne. I was scared what she might do, but she surprises everyone and gives him the official title of Baratheon, king of Storm’s End, the Baratheon home. This was brilliant because it removes him as a threat for the Iron Throne and gives Gendry a debt of gratitude towards Dani. It was also to attempt to win over the Northmen.

Here it failed. While there was applause for the move, as the party goes on we see all the love Jon gets as the hero of the North. Dani and her sacrifices are ignored. She sits there – alone. It eats at her. Her people throughout Essos loved her, but here in Westeros Dani is nothing despite her losses. It was sad to see her walk out.