To Dragonstone

There were far more events before now, but in the interest of space I am jumping ahead a bit. Jon marches the Army south to support Dani, despite Sansa’s objections. Dani takes the fleet south with the Unsullied to show mercy by demanding Cersei’s surrender instead of burning the city to the ground.

Grayworm and Missandei have a cute scene where they openly hold hands. The problem in Game of Thrones is that 9/10 is a death sentence. No sooner does the thought enter my head than it was 100% confirmed. I was about to verify that Yarra “took” the Iron Islands without confronting Euron when poor Rheagal gets shredded by ballista bolts. The poor guy was still recovering from the Battle of Winterfell, but sure enough here comes Euron.

He not only puts three bolts through the dragon, but then begins to shred Dani’s fleet. Tyrion does the smart thing and abandons ship, but when the survivors come ashore, there is one very important absence. Missandei cannot be found.

The Whispers Begin…

Sansa hates Dani. period. She will never support Dani no matter the cause. The one problem is that Sansa also has a big mouth. She tells Tyrion of Jon’s true lineage, who then tells Varys. In two short steps everything is undone. Varys claims loyalty to the realm, which means there is no person he truly cares about, even friends he has walked through death with side by side.

Tyrion and Varys begin talking about what shape Dani is in, and can she truly be the ruler Westeros needs. Tyrion to his credit fights to his last word with Varys, defending Dani. Varys on the other hand has already abandoned Dani for Jon. You can tell by the way his mind works. Plans are either in motion or are mere moments from starting.

This now puts all the pressure on Tyrion. Will he tell Dani of Varys’ plots, or will he hold his tongue? We know Varys will die according to the prophecy Melisandre foretold. Will it be by Tyrion’s hand? Or will Tyrion tell Dani and Dani shred him once and for all?