The Confrontation

So here we are. Dani and her unsullied confronting Cersei at the gates of Kings Landing. We knew approaching this that Missandei was captive of the queen, so there she stands, in chains once more.

Obviously, Cersei will not back down. Even with Missandei’s life on the line, Dani isn’t backing down. Enter the gutsiest move in GoT history. After a few failed words with Qyburn, Tyrion marches straight to the gate. If Tyrion were to die surely it would be Cersei commanding every archer putting an arrow in him, but no. She refrains.

The Heart of Matters

Tyrion hits the one and only vulnerable spot Cersei has – her child. Cersei loves her child and that is all she cares for. He does breach her emotion defenses for a moment, but Cersei is too hard to give in to that. Instead she takes Missandei’s arm and tells her to think of her last words.

Missandei is no fighter. She was rescued from slavery by Dani and has advised her ever since. She has hidden in safety at every battle, but that does not mean she lacks a spine. We see the rage build in her face as she thinks of her last word – DRACARYS! We know this to be the word Dani tells the dragons when they breathe fire. From Missandei it has one simple meaning – “Burn this bitch!”

Of course Dani, while doing a great job of not losing control, lets the rage build within her. When the Mountain decapitates Missandei, you see the hate swell in her eyes. Dani may have walked away, but the rage is about to be released next episode in what is guaranteed to be one hell of a firestorm.

The Line At the Mountain

We also add a third name to the line of those waiting to kill the Mountain. Arya and Clegane were headed south, presumably to deal with the Mountain and the last of Arya’s list. Now I feel Grayworm will kill either of them to get his shot at the Mountain.

Next episode we get a fight that many of the actors claim will be even better than the Battle for Winterfell. One way or another, the war ends this weekend.

I know I had to skip some parts ,but what was your favorite part of this past episode? Where is that leading us next week?