Young Justice #6 is one of those issues writers generally hate to do, but have to in order to set everything right and put all the pieces in place. This issue falls into the category of an exposition issue, meaning a whole lot of talking with very little action or progress.

Young Justice #6: Cover To Cover

The covers for this issue are quite similar in design. One just happens to be a bit more cartoonish than the other. Either way we get two covers that do a good job depicting the team as it stands now and its current members. Even the recap page has some nice bust shots of our heroes in action.

The Puzzle Begins

I really like how most of the Young Justice issues so far have a first page where every single team member is pictured and named. While redundant, it does make a nice recap of what everyone is doing and who is present, especially with our newer members of the team.

Young Justice

The biggest puzzle piece has been Superboy. We go from teenish side kick to father and husband?! For a title meant for younger viewers, something sure felt out of place here. We finally receive our answers. Superboy wasn’t getting busy with a local woman, he was actually saving her life and helping her out.

The woman we thought to be his wife, was merely a single mother in some trouble. Conner bails her out of some trouble with some guards, and since he had no way to get home, he joined her and helped her farm and raise her baby. That sounds a bit more like Conner, and that’s how he gained his new family.

Robin Asks Questions

Then we have Robin, who begins to ask questions and tells everyone to start throwing out what they know into the pile. We were given hints that the Young Justice team might have been brainwashed, but now Robin proves it by adding everyone’s stories. Somehow most of the team forgot the team even existed until the fight that led them to Gemworld. They now know what. They just don’t know why.

Lord Opal Rises Again

Lord Opal returns to take on the team, but even though he is essentially a giant walking city, the team takes him down quickly and fairly easily. Opal is down for the count this time.

What I continue to love in this title is the little bits of humor. A giant walking castle is coming at them and Ginny says “I peed.” Someone left ‘the plan’ in their late 90s costume, and after beating Opal, Impulse is jsut dying to say it but doesn’t until Robin says go. Then he screams out “YOUNG JUSTICE IS BACK!” I love the humor and personalities of the different members. It makes for a more entertaining read.

Young Justice: Where Do We Go From Here?

The team gets help from the Gemworld council at the behest of Amethyst. The council seems happy and willing to help. They send the team through a portal to….Where? They asked to go home, but Emerald has a burr up her butt and instead banishes the team to who knows where! Guess next issue we figure out where HERE is.

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