STAR WARS: Is This Rey’s Mother’s Grave?


Is Rey a Kenobi?

This theory, though popular, is unlikely. We know not much about what Old Ben was doing out in the dunes of Tatooine for twenty years, but even Jedi get lonely. Perhaps that’s why there’s such a push in the fan community to get a Kenobi movie made. Maybe one drunken night at Mos Eisley Cantina… nah, nevermind.

Rey and Obi-Wan
The best we can hope for here is Ben to be grandpa

It’s too bad they killed off Duchess Satine in Rebels, because Rey turning out to be a Kenobi with Mandalorian roots would be the coup-de-gras. It was obvious Satine and Obi-Wan were star-crossed. But alas, she dies too early to be Rey’s baby-momma. However, what this proves is that Obi-Wan had a little of Anakin’s forbidden feelings in him after all. He even admitted he would have left the Jedi Order if Satine has asked him to.

So who else could it be? Honestly, mom’s identity wouldn’t matter so much if she were a Kenobi (or a Skywalker). Obi-Wan and Luke were powerful with the force by themselves. The biggest case-maker for this is Rey’s ability to use the Jedi mind trick so easily with no training. It was one of Obi-Wan’s signature moves. Plus, she has Kenobi’s English accent (weak argument; I know). The killer of this theory is the timing. Obi Wan dies in 0BBY. Rey is born around 15ABY. Obi-Wan could be the grandpa maybe, but not dad.

Is Rey a Palpatine, born of the Force?

Rey and Palpatine
Similar technique… could it be?

Marvel Comics’ Vader #25 answers the question of the birth of the chosen one definitively. He was created in Shmi’s womb, by Palpatine, using the Force. Palpatine is Anakin’s father, from a certain point of view. If he did it once, he could have done it again. But why?

It’s no secret that the Emperor did not have full confidence in Vader to be his one and only successor. There was mistrust throughout their entire relationship at one junction or another, and that whole “Rule of Two” thing always seemed to end with the apprentice knocking off the master. Palps would have been suspicious, cautious, and calculating all at the same time. To use Vader’s own quote about Leia against him:

“If you will not join the dark side, then perhaps she will.”

Darth Vader, Return of the Jedi

The Emperor could have had the same thought about Vader. Palpatine was a plotter and planner with the gift of foresight, and we know he’s going to still be around in Episode IX, so it is not a stretch he could have made her as Vader’s replacement to try again with her. Funny, that would make her Luke’s aunt! So maybe the Emperor found a female space scoundrel somewhere and did a Force-whammy on her just like Shmi as a back-up plan? Perhaps a space scoundrel like… Zorri Bliss?

Is Rey a Solo?

Rey, Leia and Han
Is Rey a Solo? Not likely…

No. Not possible. Neither Han, Leia, nor Ben recognized her in any familiar way in the least. Leia was distraught over losing her son. No way was she also going to lose a daughter. The only way this theory works is if Han was out partying like Lando. In fact, I’d believe Rey was Lando’s daughter before Han. Hate me if you want, but this theory is Bantha poo doo. Search your feelings. You know it’s poo doo.

This next theory, though, might have an inkling of hope. Hear me out…

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