Fett’s popularity

When talking to John Morton about Boba Fett’s popularity he never thought that it would take off like it did. John thought it was pretty neat to be part of it.

We never thought that Boba Fett would become the iconic character that he became. But everyone recognized that the costume itself had an awesome presence about it.

John Morton with 501st

Jeremy also help with this because of the way he thought Boba Fett should be like Morton said.:

Jeremy told me to play Fett just like Clint Eastwood in A Fist Full of Dollars, do everything slow and menacing.”

So, because of this John Morton used that motivation into the way he moved. He also used Eastwood’s bad attitude stare and made that scene more memorable by the way he stared down Vader. It was like he was ready to fight if his bounty was destroyed. Again, Morton would go on to say that Jeremy Bulloch is the reason that Boba Fett became as popular as he did.  

STAR WARS and it’s following

Talking about how STAR WARS has grown the way it has and the following it has gathered John Morton and even the crew was surprised on how big it has become.

I would be surprised if anyone thought back then that STAR WARS would become the hit it has today. But I do think George had a glimmer that he was onto a winner.”

Morton also said that George Lucas would tell his colleagues when they would complain about stuff that they will be thankful for being a part of STAR WARS. He also added that George was very proud and had big faith in this project. John Morton also had this to say:

Now, when I was working with Mark Hamill, we became good friends. Mark told me that George’s concept was nine episodes sometimes twelve. But, if you did the math and if that was going to happen STAR WARS was going to go on for many years, and it did.”

John Morton With Greg Evans 2

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So, there you have it. I had an amazing time at the Cincinnati Comic Expo and if you have never gone you should add it to your calendar for next year on September 11th -13th. It was great to sit down with John Morton and talk about his time on the Empire Strikes back set. So, thank you Cincinnati Comic Expo for having me and a big thank you to John Morton for taking some time and chatting with me.

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