Hulu has announced the first adult animation award show of its kind, the HAHA Awards. 

Hulu HAHA Awards

With Hulu’s massive library of adult animation shows from Bob’s Burgers to Solar Opposites, the HAHA Awards will crown the “Best Show,” “Best Talking Pet,” “Most Awkward Moment,” and many more. Fans will crown the winners of each category. The HAHA Award winners will be announced on July 23, right before all of the excitement for Comic-Con@Home begins. 

Hulu is the hub for countless adult animation shows from a wide range of networks such as adult swim, FX, Fox, and Hulu originals. To name a few of the shows competing, there is Rick & Morty, King of the Hill, American Dad, Archer, and so many more. 

VP of Hulu Marketing, Ryan Crosby said, “As the streaming TV leader in adult animation content, we’re particularly proud of the diversity of voices, shows, and storytelling displayed in the first ever HAHA Award nominees. Frame by frame, adult animation captures the most iconic characters, funniest catch phrases, and real life storylines, so we wanted to recognize some of the industry’s very best in a way that only Hulu could.” 

Hulu subscribers and non-subscribers can either go to Hulu’s website or Twitter to vote for their favorite shows. Voting has begun now, and the last day to cast your vote is Thursday, July 23. 

The HAHA Award categories and nominees are listed below. 

Best New Show

  • Duncanville
  • Solar Opposites
  • Crossing Swords
  • Bless the Harts

Best Fart Performance

  • Cleveland (The Cleveland Show)
  • Peter (Family Guy)
  • Rick (Rick and Morty)
  • King (Crossing Swords)

Best Hangover Performance

Hulu HAHA Awards
  • Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)
  • Archer (Archer)
  • Francine (American Dad!)
  • Bob (Bob’s Burgers)

Best Dance Performance

  • Homer (The Simpsons)
  • Bobby (King of the Hill)
  • Jimmy Jr. (Bob’s Burgers)
  • Jack & Annie (Duncanville)

Most Epic Battle Scene

  • Bob (Bob’s Burgers)
  • Pam (Archer)
  • Stan (American Dad!)
  • Peter (Family Guy)

Best Talking Pet

  • Pupa (Solar Opposites)
  • Klaus (American Dad!)
  • Malloy (Brickleberry)
  • Snowball (Rick and Morty)

Most Awkward Moment

  • Korvo (Solar Opposites)
  • Stranger (Cake)
  • Kimberly (Duncanville)
  • Wayne (Bless the Harts)

Most Insulting Insult

Hulu HAHA Awards
  • Louise (Bob’s Burgers)
  • Malory (Archer)
  • Cleveland Brown Jr. (The Cleveland Show)
  • Hank (King of the Hill)

Best Catchphrase

  • Quagmire (Family Guy) 
  • Bender (Futurama)
  • Louise (Bless the Harts) 
  • Archer (Archer)

Breakout Star of the Year

Hulu HAHA Awards
  • Duncan (Duncanville)
  • Korvo (Solar Opposites)
  • Patrick (Crossing Swords)
  • Jenny (Bless the Harts)

Watch the HAHA Awards announcement video here:

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Source: Animation Magazine