For four years and multiple artist/story crews, fans enjoyed the tales and adventures of one Harleen Frances Quinzel, or as we love to call her Harley Quinn. We met her family and journeyed from Coney Island to ethereal space. While everyone’s favorite red, white and black, feminine attack will continue to make her presence felt in the DC Universe, Harley Quinn 75 is where her book ends.

Harley Quinn 75: Our Girl Deserves Better

One thing I loved about this book that made me pick it up every month was the story telling. I did not care much for Mr J’s side chick, or the hot mouthed, spasmatic lunatic from the Suicide Squad. When I picked up the Harley Quinn title, I laughed at her rather unique outlook on the world. I loved how Harley took the mundane and spun it into her own little universe. No one saw things the way Harley did, nor do they let loose with as many real world references and puns. Harley is the Deadpool of the DC world.

Then you had the story. I joined in about issue 57. What I read about was a person trying to find who she was. She hated her past with Joker, but who was she without him? She found out with the help of her family and friends. In fact her family turned into a crucial part of her development. When the story line turned to her cancer stricken mother, I felt it. That turned into one of the best comic story lines in some time. This issue did not do her story justice.

Harley Quinn 75: A Glimmer of Our Harley

I think this final issue meant to dive into Harley’s mind and show her insecurities and self doubt, but in the end it fell short. The issue jumps through parts of her life in the guise of a celebrity roast. Most of the time it comes across confusing and disjointed, especially since we do not discover it’s a dream til the end.

About half way through we finally see some of the heart that ran through this title. From there on it begins to make more sense and show us Harley’s awakening. The last few pages make up for the chaotic start and gives Harley the sunset she deserves.

Harley Quinn 75: One Last Story

After Harley’s story wraps, we get one more epilogue: Harley versus Punchline. This quick story leads into the events of Batman 96 and the Joker War story line. It really helps set Harley’s mindset in those pages. After you read this short, try to go back and get your hands on Batman 96.

The downside to this last story comes from the artwork. I really did not enjoy the style in which they drew it. It seemed cheap and chaotic, which I have never seen from a Harley title.

So ends the title of one Harleen Frances Quinzel.