USAopoly is set to release a few more Critical Role items. One item is for those who are big Rubik’s Cube fans and the other is for all of the dice collectors.

Up first is the Rubik’s Cube:

This Critical Role Rubik’s from USAopoly and shows off some iconic images representing these D&D masters. Master this classic 3D puzzle by twisting the sides and scrambling the characters before returning your heroes to their original positions.

Now, this is interesting because we have the normal puzzles, so to see something like this is pretty awesome. And the art is amazing as well. This is currently out of pre-order stock on Amazon, but can be pre-ordered from Big Bad Toy Store.

Meanwhile, an oversized D20 is also getting released as well.

Take your very own polyhedral piece of Critical Role’s epic second campaign to your next session with the official Mighty Nein 20-Sided oversized die! Stand out among fellow adventurers with a D20 that will have you mingling and metagaming like there’s nein tomorrow.

Noe the die looks incredible, but you can also check out some images of the packaging as well:

Now we’ve only been able to find this for pre-order on Big Bad Toy Store. They are currently sold out of their pre-order stock.

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