Pink Ranger Off to Paris – The Retro Ranger Wrap Up

Pink Ranger Off to Paris - The Retro Ranger Wrap Up

That Hashtag Show’s Joe, Daniel, and Elle look back at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 Episodes 8, 9, 10 (A Brush with Destiny, Passing the Lantern, Wizard for a Day). Plus, any breaking Power Rangers news.

Episode 8: A Brush with Destiny
Whilst Kimberly has fears about moving to Paris, Zedd and Rita create the Artistmole from her nightmares to drain the Ranger Powers.

Episode 9: Passing the Lantern
Adam receives a paper lantern as a gift and he and Billy and learn of its special powers. But, Lord Zedd sends Rito to steal the lantern.

Episode 10: Wizard for a Day
Rocky is picked to be “Teacher for a Day” by switching places with science teacher Mr. Wilton, while Rito Revolto switches places with Lord Zedd.


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First Look at Beyond the Grid

Meet the Solar Ranger

Extended Tommy Fight!

Close Up Look at Tommy’s Master Morpher

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