With SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY coming out in less that three weeks, it seems like Ron Howard is in full blown STAR WARS mode. I have to say I’m enjoying the child like love that Howard has for the Star Wars universe. He honestly looks like he had a blast working on Solo and he will do anything and everything to promote this film. Well one of those amazing things dropped on our laps today and its quite MAGICAL. One of our favorite shows here at The Hashtag Show is hands down Arrested Development. If you love the show as much as us then you already know that Ron Howard created and narrated every episode of the series. It’s one of the most recognizable things about the series and with a new Remixed version of season four coming to Netflix this Friday it only makes sense that we combine the Star Wars universe with Arrested Development. Feast your eyes on the funniest and most amazing thing you’ll see in a while. When Howard recently visited the STAR WARS SHOW, he lent his voice to this amazing video and you should be damn happy he did.

I honestly love how amazing the comedy of Arrested Development fits with Star Wars here. There are plenty of Arrested Development throwbacks for fans who still miss that classic early-2000s sitcom, and Howard slyly pokes fun at the sketchy story lines including Obi Wan never owning R2 and Obi being great friends with Luke’s father.

And of course Howard get’s to plug his own Star Wars film SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, and even give a slight hint that there might be more of these awesome Star Wars/ Arrested mashups. Please make it so Lucasfilm!