If there was one thing that STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE was good for besides the amazing Jar Jar Binks, it has to be the amazing N64 and arcade game STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 RACER.  I remember walking into my local arcade and seeing a life size pod racer the one Anakin rode and it was magical. Now I’m not going to lie it was a hard game to play. Not easy at all, that’s probably why it was so fun to see your friends fail at it. But till this day Racer is one of the most recognizable Star Wars games of all time, don’t ask me if Menace released any other games that year because it didn’t matter. After it’s N64 release, Sega decided to give it a Dreamcast release but it didn’t fare as well.

Today, Episode I Racer lives on thanks to GOG with an updated and optimized PC release. The podracing game will normally run you $9.99, but there’s currently a 15 percent launch discount which is a hell of a deal! Only $8.49 for a limited time!

The hook for the game was that it was super, super easy to die.

Losing a race only required you to make a few wrong turns and take a few bad bumps and then it was all over.

The trick was mastering the turns, learning how to handle your pod-racer and out-maneuvering your opponents. It’s something that’s definitely easier said than done.

To make things even harder was that opponents were constantly trying to edge you off the track while you were dealing with the trials of the race and trying to come in first place.

They sure as hell don’t make games like this anymore. It was ruthless, fast, punishing and unforgiving. Plus you got to race against Sebulba! If you’re in the mood for old Star Wars games including Episode I Racer, GOG also has a bunch of other titles — including X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter — on sale for the next week.