A sign for a frozen treats stand at Disney California Adventure that says "Abominable Snowman Frosted Treats". The word "abominable" is crossed off and the word "Adorable" is written above in blue letters, with a smiley face in the letter O

With Pixar Pier officially opening in less than a month, we’re getting a little sneak peak with one of the brand new food stands! Say a cold welcome to Adorable Snowman Frozen Treats, which is named after the Abominable Snowman from Disney-Pixar’s Monsters Inc, and the menu is not to be missed; it all sound so amazing.

Starting things off, they have chocolate, vanilla, as well as a new, non-dairy, lemon soft serve served in either a cup or in a cone. They also have the Pixar Pier Parfait, which combines the non-dairy lemon soft-serve with a blue raspberry frozen beverage to create an Instagram worthy sweet treat to enjoy. But the one treat that I’m most excited about is the “It’s Snow Caped Lemon”: lemon soft serve dipped in a white-chocolate “snow cap”. Check it out in the image below!

A hand holding up a cone with a swirl of yellow soft serve that is topped with a drizzle of white chocolate

I think “Adorable Snowman Frozen Treats” is the perfect place to get excited about Pixar Fest, and the brand new Pixar Pier opening 0n June 30th at Disney California Adventure! Make sure to stay tuned to That Hashtag Show for more Pixar Pier updates.