Sony Pictures has been trying to get a third installment of the Bad Boys franchise off the ground for nearly a decade. The film has cycled through a number of directors, While franchise stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence commit to staying onboard. Over the last year the film has picked up steam by getting a new title Bad Boys For Life and adding the directing duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. They are best known for their work on Black, a Romeo and Juliet type story set in Belgium. Sony is expected to get the film in front of cameras this August/September in Miami. With the studio looking to fast track the project we have some details to share regarding the films story.

The film will see Lawrence’s character Marcus Burnett working as a private eye after a falling out with Smith’s Mike Lowery, who is going through a midlife crisis as a bachelor who finally wants to mature, all while dealing with a new a young and cocky partner who is loyal to Lowery but that loyalty is not reciprocated, and finds bond with Burnett when he returns to the fray. Lowery and Burnett are brought together again when a lean, mean, skilled,  Albanian mercenary with a vendetta puts a death order on Lowery and Burnett for the death of his brother. Now the two must work together once again to bring him down. The films budget is set at over $100 million so expect loads of car chases and explosions.

The story sounds like it could be intriguing but it is still to early to tell where the film is going. The studio is still in the casting process and hopes to add big name talent to the upcoming film. It currently isnt known if other actors from the previous films will return, However NBC is moving forward with a Bad Boys TV spin-off titled L.A.’s Finest, starring Gabrielle Union, reprising her role as Syd Burnett from Bad Boys II, Marcus’ sister and Mike’s secret lover, who also worked for the DEA, alongside Jessica Alba. It’s not clear if there will be any crossover between this sequel and the NBC series.

The most recent draft of the script is by Chris Bremner, Jerry Bruckheimer is once again on board as a producer.

There is currently no release date for Bad Boys For Life but the studio is trying for a 2019 release.


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