So it seems like a promotional image for the Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle has been leaked on Reddit. This latest game from Insomniac will be taking players into New York City to play as Spidey. And this is going to be one of the most anticipated games of 2018. This is also Insomniac Games’ first Triple-A title that they are releasing, and you can definitely tell that Sony PlayStation is taking note of it.

So this promotional image that is going around was first spotted on Reddit, but it looks like it could be fake because when you look at the title it says “PS4: Pro Bundle.” PlayStation never uses semicolons in any of their promotion for PS4 exclusive games, so for right now, I would take this with a grain of salt until anything gets confirmed. But you can check out the image to see exactly what this promotional bundle could look like.

Rumor: Alleged Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle leaked. [Image] from PS4

Now if this particular PS4 variant does end up being fake, it could wind up becoming a bundle later on down the line after the game gets released. This Spider-Man game is set to be the biggest exclusive that Sony is releasing this year. And with the game’s September release date rapidly approaching, Insomniac has been slowly revealing details about the game. And we will be learning more in June at Sony’s E3 Press Conference. But so far Insomniac has shown off a reinvented villain in Shocker, they also discussed how the Batman: Arkham Asylum series has impacted their development, and they discussed how this game could be the start of the Marvel Games Universe. And considering that both Marvel and Sony have heavily invested into this Spider-Man game to make it a success, a Spider-Man Ps4 Pro Bundle could be a near certainty.

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