Star Wars’ Chewbacca – The O.G. (Original Groot)


Avengers: Infinity War is dominating the box office for another weekend.  And with over a dozen characters fighting for screen time, one still steals every scene he’s in, Groot.  But everyone’s favorite tree wasn’t the first towering alien to win our hearts.  Over 30 years before the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot, there was Star Wars’ Chewbacca.

A Way with Words

Chewbacca would lead the way for other friendly aliens like Yoda, E.T., Alf, and Groot.  Both Groot and Chewbacca are sidekicks to loudmouthed space pilots.  And they both have trouble being understood by everyone except their best friend.  But they can also shut down their cocky friend with a single look.  A shrug of their shoulders can speak volumes.


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