Starting next week on Wednesday, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II has their next season of content rolling out, and it is being dubbed “The Han Solo Season.” And as the title suggests, the next season of free content is going to be based around Han Solo, and it will be including a new game mode and map, a custom arcade, and additional character skins.

This new season is arriving in perfect time, because the theatrical release of Solo: A Star Wars Story is releasing in 2 weeks on May 25th. But it’s also a deficit because the film will not arrive in time when the season begins, and the first batch of content will not have anything inspired from the movie in it. Instead, the first batch of content will have items inspired by Return Of The Jedi in it.

For starters we have a new map coming: Jabba’s Palace. The map will be playable in Blast, Hero Showdown, and Heroes Vs Villians. Also inspired by Return Of The Jedi, are two new character appearances, which will be available for credits or crystals: Lando Calrissian, and he will be in his Skiff Guard disguise and Leia Organa will be donning her iconic bounty hunter Boushh’s gear. Leia’s outfit will actually also be considered the first Legendary Appearance in the game as it will actually change her voice using the speech scrambler to speak Ubese.

The Han Solo season will also be introducing the new Hero Showdown, which is a new 2V2 round-based elimination mode. Before each match in this best of 5 series,  you and your partner will be able to select a paring of heroes or villains. And, if you win the match, you can no longer use those heroes for the rest of the series; however, if you lose you can still pick them the next round.

And finally, the game is getting a Starfighter Custom Arcade, where you can go and hone in on your skills with all of the game’s ships by taking on enemy ships controlled by AI. And keep in mind that more content that will be inspired by Solo: A Star Wars will be arriving to the game in June.

Source: Comic Book Movie