The Bluefin Brands Tamashii Webpage has confirmed that S.H. Figuarts will be releasing helmetless figures of the MMPR Red and Green Rangers for SDCC this year. The pricing has not been released yet, but that has been promised to be on the way soon. This and the also announced SOC Black Megazord will both likely be sold at the Bluefin Brands booth Comic-Con this year.

Maybe if these do really well we could get the whole team. With Hasbro taking over the Power Ranger toys we may get alternate heads like we do for the Marvel Figures. But for now this is the closest thing we will get to the civilian Rangers.

Now, these figures look incredible and the faces on the figures look like Jason and Tommy, and I really love that. Another thing to note is it looks like the helmets are removable, which could indicate we can make these figures look like civilian rangers, which I think would be pretty cool. But you can stay tuned to That Hashtag Show as more news on the figures gets released.


Source: Tokunation