Good Guy Leaks

The post reported the return of Flash Thompson, Ned, and surprisingly Laura Harrier’s Liz. After the arrest of her father, Liz moved away with her mother.  Peter and friends may bump into her in London, or she could be part of a sinister plot to blackmail her father, an accomplished thief.

Gwyneth Paltrow will be making another cameo as Pepper Potts.  Stark Industries sponsors the London conference and Pepper is it’s CEO. Pepper may also fill in for mentor role left by Tony’s death.

Jessica Drew, the civilian identity of comic superheroine Spider-Woman, is also appearing.  She will be an MI-6 agent chasing Mysterio and will eventually teaming up Spider-Man to stop him.  Jessica is described as a secret agent badass without super powers and is unlikely to be donning the Spider-Woman costume.  However, this could be laying the ground work for a future Spider-Woman franchise with another spider-based science experiment going wrong.