Bad Guy Leaks

The character Mac Gargan, the Scorpion, will have a small roll.  He will push Liz’s imprisoned father, Adrian Toomes, to reveal Spider-Man’s secret identity.  Toomes was the costumed villain the Vulture and learned Spider-Man’s true identity at the end of the last film.

Peter Parker will get a new science rival named Alistair Smythe.  Presumably Smythe will become jealous of Peter and try to turn his friends against him.  Alistair’s father, Spencer Smythe, will be working for Stark Industries.  In the comics, Smythe’s father built robots to hunt down Spider-Man, the Spider-Slayers, commissioned by J. Jonah Jameson.  It’s likely the Spider-Slayers will appear in this movie or a later sequel.

Another rumor is that the producers of the Spider-Man franchise are currently looking for a big-name actor to portray a surprise villain.  This will be the big-bad that Mysterio is working for and the villain for later Spider-Man sequels.  Speculation is focused on the well-known Spider-Man villains like the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, or Kraven the Hunter.