It seems like Han Solo’s childhood companion Qi’ra has another connection to the Star Wars universe. And it’s a connection to “Empire Strikes Back.”

Qi’ra’s “Forces Of Destiny” episode entitled “Triplecrossed” had been released on May 25th, the same day that “Solo: A Star Wars Story” was released. And the episode features her running through a marketplace on an alien planet, while an assassin droid is shooting at her. Now she does end up saving the day, and the 2 characters she runs into actually have a connection to “Empire Strikes Back.”

The two characters, IG-88 and Hondo Ohnaka, do show up in Empire. IG-88 was Boba Fett’s assassin droid sidekick when Darth Vader hired a bunch of mercenaries to go and track down the Millenium Falcon. Hondo was a pirate, smuggler, and occasional bounty hunter who first appeared in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” with his pirate gang. He then showed up in “Star Wars Rebels” to help assist Ezra with some various endeavors.

Now, if another Solo movie were to happen, I can almost guarantee that these two characters might show up in it.

Source: Inverse